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Technical research

The Arctic Steel and Mining RDI group of Lapland University of Applied Sciences conducted a study on the effects of INOX CORRO™ treatment on the corrosion resistance and properties of stainless steel.

The study shows that with INOX CORRO™ treatment notable improvements are achieved on the performance and quality of stainless steel by modifying the surface quality of the steel without the use of additive coatings.

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According to the research, INOX CORRO™ treatment has the following effects on the qualities of stainless steel.
(The material used in the research was a widely used molybdenum-alloyed stainless steel 316L/EN 1.4404 from Outokumpu)

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CPT rises

(Corrosion Pitting Temperature, ASTM G150)

20° → 29°C

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Chromium content of the surface increases

17% → 29%

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PRE-value rises

(Pitting Resistance Equivalent)

24 → 29

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Ra decreases

(surface roughness)

42% — 58%

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