Electropolishing, or electrolytic polishing, is a electrochemical surface finishing technique, by which material is electronically removed, ion by ion, from the surface of a metal.

Electropolishing forms a greater passivated layer on the surface of stainless steel, which protects the material, improves corrosion resistance and helps cleanability.

In the process, the inherent corrosion resistance of a given stainless steel grade is improved.

The electropolishing process exposes an undisturbed, metallurgically clean surface. Possible unwanted effects of mechanical surface treatment, such as mechanical and thermal stress, embedding of particles and surface roughening, are avoided or even reversed.

Since electropolishing has no mechanical, thermal or chemical impact on the material, we can treat even the smallest and mechanically fragile parts. Electropolishing can be applied to stainless steel of almost any shape or size.

Typical applications are found in the pharmaceutical, biochemical and food processing industries.

Most commonly used standards for electropolishing are ISO EN 15730 and ASTM B912-13.

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