An advanced chemical treatment for stainless steel

For the most extreme conditions

CORRO™ treatment was designed for the most extreme conditions.

We treat the surface of the stainless steel material chemically in order to raise the chrome levels by over 50% (based on a study 1.4404 in 5/2018, 17,2% --> 26%). In the process, the microstructures of the surface are condensed to protect the material remarkably from corrosion.

By selecting the right materials and chemical treatments, we are able to achieve the optimal results.

Stainless steel is often chosen because of its superior corrosion resistance. Our CORRO™ treatment brings out the full potential of the material.

Our INOX CORRO™ treatment is the best solution for oil platforms, pipelines, pumps, vents, valves and condensers.

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INOX Finland optimises the properties of stainless steel with chemical treatments. We specialise in bringing up the best in stainless steel. By selecting the right materials and optimising their qualities, we are able to produce the most outstanding results.