An advanced chemical treatment for stainless steel

When cleanness and hygiene is of utmost importance

The equipment and instruments used in pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and food factories have high standards for hygiene and cleanability. Our HYGI™ process is designed to meet those standards. The process is designed  especially for applications where clinical cleanability and bacteria-free surfaces are of utmost importance.

Our HYGI™ treatment takes part in the manufacturing process of medical and pharmaceutical equipment and operating room instruments. The treatment notably enhances the corrosion resistance of equipment in operating rooms and protects them against damage from strong detergents.

The food industry benefits from processing containers and piping that can be cleaned quickly. Our HYGI™ treatment makes the maintenance of bakery equipment much easier.

By selecting the right materials and chemical treatments, we are able to remove any impurities from stainless steel, make sure the surface is perfect, and make it easy and fast to clean.

INOX HYGI™ treatment is suitable for e.g. medical tanks, reactors, condensers, mixers and cooling pipes.

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INOX Finland optimises the properties of stainless steel with chemical treatments. We specialise in bringing up the best in stainless steel. By selecting the right materials and optimising their qualities, we are able to produce the most outstanding results.