An advanced chemical treatment for stainless steel

Optimising for the power plants.

Our POWER™ treatment was developed especially for the nuclear industry, but can be used in all power plants. POWER™ is all about optimising efficiency in heavy industry.

Our POWER™ treatment in the primary system and cooling pipes makes the nuclear power plant a safer work environment.

All stainless steel structures and equipment are subject to corrosion in the factory environment and benefit significantly from the POWER™ treatment.

By selecting the right materials and chemical treatments, we are able to prolong the lifespan of the equipment and reduce downtime.

INOX POWER™ treatment is ideal for the nuclear industry and energy-exploration industry equipment. Coolers, heat exchangers, vents, and other stainless steel parts that are manufactured for power plants are treated with POWER™.

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INOX Finland optimises the properties of stainless steel with chemical treatments. We specialise in bringing up the best in stainless steel. By selecting the right materials and optimising their qualities, we are able to produce the most outstanding results.