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Slick and sleek steel surfaces

Pulp, paper and bio-based products are a significant industry in Finland. The most notable machinery manufacturers are also based in Finland.

The factory environments are susceptible to corrosion and are therefore mainly build out of stainless materials. Interior structures require surfaces that are as sleek and durable as possible.

Among the most important qualities of stainless steel in these environments are exceptional corrosion resistance and mechanical durability.

The machine surfaces, internal pipelines and equipment benefit from as sleek surface roughness as possible.

The materials in these environments are selected for their corrosion resistant qualities. Stainless steel is often 2-3% alloyed with molybdenum to achieve better corrosion resistance.

Our signature electrolytic CORRO™ treatment on interior and exterior surfaces will enhance the corrosion resistance qualities of stainless steel remarkably.

Our signature electrolytic FLOW™ treatment optimises the flow in pipes and interior parts, and efficiently prevents deposition.

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INOX Finland optimises the properties of stainless steel with chemical treatments. We specialise in bringing up the best in stainless steel. By selecting the right materials and optimising their qualities, we are able to produce the most outstanding results.