Power plants

Reliable energy production.

There are power plants producing to electricity and heat in almost every municipality in Finland. In a common power plant, water is evaporated in a steam boiler and directed to the turbine through a superheater. The turbine runs the generator that creates an electric current.

Among the most crucial qualities for the pipes and structures in the primary system are longevity and reliability. The most important qualities for the materials used are great corrosion resistance and weldability.

The materials are selected to withstand corrosive conditions. Duplex steels are often used in the primary system of heat plants, because they are better heat conductors and withstand stress corrosion better than austenitic steels.

The minimum treatment for the stainless pipes and components is pickling.

Our advanced electrolytic CORRO™ treatment on interior and exterior surfaces of structures in critical areas will increase the reliability of the structures remarkably.

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