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Nuclear power is the most prominent form of electricity production in Finland. There are four nuclear power plants in use in two locations. The third plant in Olkiluoto will begin production soon. The newest nuclear power plant will be located in Pyhäjoki and is currently being built by Fennovoima.

Over the years, we have provided our stainless steel treatments for the most critical and classified applications in every nuclear power plant in Finland. Our production facilities are located only 5 km from the new power plant site in Hanhikivi, Pyhäjoki.

For the most part, the construction work of a nuclear power plant part is general industrial construction. But as you get closer to the reactor, the level of requirements rapidly increase.

Some of the most significant qualities for the classified stainless steel piping, valves and other structures in the primary system of a nuclear reactor are longevity, reliability and premium surface quality.

To ensure the longevity and reliability of pipes and other critical classified structures, the right materials must be selected and the surface quality of interior surfaces especially needs to be flawless.

Oftentimes, the materials used in these applications are popular and reliable stainless steels. The material chosen for the most challenging applications is often the austenitic titanium-stabilised steel 316Ti/1.4571 for its long track record and good qualities.

For general construction, the minimum treatment requirement is pickling. The more critical, and especially the classified steel structures, require a well passivated surface and optimal qualities.

Our signature electrolytic POWER™ treatment for the interior and exterior surfaces of stainless steel structures in the primary system guarantees exceptional performance for the facility for decades to come.

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